Neurosmith Toys

Inspire a love of music with this one-of-a-kind line of interactive activity toysNeuroSmith toy’s catchy tunes will keep your child interested while they learn colors, textures, shapes, zippers, buttons, snaps and more.  Plush NeuroSmith blocks can even help baby learn to stand up!


NeuroSmith toys will inspire a lasting love of music in your child.  Watch as they have a ball exploring the colorful plush jumbo cube or sunshine symphony. Enjoy a quiet moment together with the soft interactive sing-along musical book.


NeuroSmith Toys can help:

  • Stimulate the imagination.
  • Development of gross motor skills.
  • Development of fine motor skills.
  • Development of important brain conncetions.
  • Build self-esteem.
  • Learning of primary colors.
  • Learning of basic shapes.
  • Develop a love of music.


If you’ve been searching for the right toy with developmental benefits while providing a fun and stimulating play time experience, look no further.  Order your NeuroSmith Toys today.



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